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About My Photography

About My Photography

bear1I have a deep regard for nature, especially wild places and open spaces, and photography allows me to express that respect. I’ve been making images professionally since 1986, with a strong emphasis on Alaska and Antarctica, primarily landscapes, seascapes, icescapes, wildlife (bears, eagles, penguins, whales, etc.), patterns in nature, and people in nature. My images have appeared in dozens of advertising venues (from billboards to brochures) and hundreds of editorial publications (books, magazines, newspapers and calendars), including National Geographic, The New York Times, Smithsonian, American Photographer, and Sierra Club and Audubon calendars. As I often travel, or am busy at home with book and magazine manuscripts, I sell no photos from my office. If you wish to buy (or browse through) any of my photos, I encourage you to visit the four photo stock agencies (large picture libraries) that represent my work. All agency submission are made electronically.

For advertising imagery that speaks to inspirational themes – freedom, strength, beauty, individuality, perseverance, etc. – and for strong editorial images as well, I recommend www.gettyimages.com, one of the largest photo libraries in the world. Offices in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Paris, Tokyo, and two dozen other locations across the globe.

For bright images of Alaska – wildlife, landscapes, patterns and people in nature – and elsewhere, I recommend www.accentalaska.com, owned by Ken & Jacky Graham in Girdwood, Alaska (near Anchorage).

For textbook images and strong calendar, magazine and book material, contact www.drkphoto.com, owned by Dan and Julie Krasemann in Sedona, Arizona (near Flagstaff).

For strong editorial images, mostly for books, magazines and calendars, contact www.peterarnold.com, owned by Peter Arnold in New York City (on Broadway, not far from Times Square).

Photography Notables

+ participant, Northwest Environmental Exhibit for Environmental Photography, 2001

+ participant, as a Harriman Scholar/Photographer, on the 2001 Harriman Alaska Expedition Retraced (that followed the famous 1899 expedition to Alaska)

+ winner, Daniel Houseberg Award for Still Photography from the Alaska Conservation Foundation, 2000

+ winner, Ben Franklin Award for the best book in science & nature (In Denali, 1993)

+ winner, Alaska Press Club Award for excellence in color photography (twice, both for photo essays that appeared in Alaska Magazine)