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    “I live in the sunlight of friends and the shadows of glaciers. I suppose I will die there too, if all goes well. No hurry, though. The hardness of water, the ebb and flow of ice, the once and future glaciers of America – they created my home and they will destroy it. My winter is only a heartbeat to them.” So begins my 2005 memoir, The Only Kayak, an exploration of what it means to fall in love with a place that cannot stay the same. When do you hold on, and when do you let go? Much of my work as a writer, photographer, musician and conservationist focuses on our relationship to the larger than human world. Can we find new definitions of progress and wealth that enable us to live prosperous lives without plundering the natural world around us? I think we can, though it’s going to take education and sacrifice, perhaps even revolution, which isn’t always a bad thing. From my little town in coastal Alaska I invite you to look around this web site, have fun, get some ideas, and go out there each day to walk the blue-green earth with good friends and gratitude.