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This is historic. Delegates from 196 nations just signed the “Paris Outcome,” the first ever universal, legally-binding framework for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. The Outcome aims to limit average global temperature rise “well below” 2º Celsius. These nations have made “pledges.” The agreement does not become binding until adopted by each nation, which must be done by April 21, 2017 (for the emissions reduction goals to come into force in 2020). This is the greatest step ever taken to slow global climate change. Our job here at home: vote in a new U.S. Congress that will work together, stop bickering and obstructing, and lead us where we need to go – into a future bright with cooperation and clean energy, one that preserves a beautiful, bountiful planet for our children’s children; one that leaves room for redpolls (like this little guy pictured here), and whales, and wonderful possibilities.